About Us


Dr. Tim White
Email: white@xavier.edu                                          Curriculum Vita

Hi, I am Dr. White and I am a professor at Xavier University where I teach courses in the fields of Comparative Politics and International Relations. Most of my research is in the field of Irish Politics and Sociology and I am currently working on a project analyzing recent changes in Irish economic conditions, demography, and political culture.

While in Ireland I will be your guide and/or professor. For the student tour I teach a course called Celts, Conquest, and Conflicting Identities. For the custom tours I will be your guide and chaufeur.. I love running around Ireland, so just let me know where you want to go and we are off!


Mary Visconti
Email: mary@thegreenpicnic.com

Hello. I will be tending to your most important need during the trip - FOOD!. I will be planning most of your meals and doing a fair amount of cooking. So if you have special food requirements I am the one to tell.

I will also be handling all the fun stuff, like arranging entertainment and interesting guest lecturers. So if you have any ideas, I want to hear them!


Dr. Graley Herren
Email: herren@xavier.edu                            Curriculum Vita

Hi, I am Dr. Herren and I am a Professor of English at Xavier University. I teach courses in Modern Drama, Modern Irish Literature and Modern Drama, Modern British Literature, Playwriting, and Literature & the Moral Imagination. My main research interest is in Samuel Beckett, on whose work I have published several articles and one book, Samuel Beckett's Plays on Film and Television.

While in Ireland I will teach a course on Literature and the Arts of Ireland.


Dr. George Farnsworth
farnsworth@xavier.edu                    Curriculum Vita

Hello, I am an Associate Professor in the Biology Department at Xavier University. I currently teach General Biology II, Animal Behavior, and Anatomy & Physiology. My research is focused on the behavioral ecology of mockingbirds.

In Ireland I teach a course on Biodiversity and Conservation. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about Ireland’s flora and fauna, not to mention a lot of fun mucking around Ireland’s intertidal pools.

Local Guides

Gerry Joyce

Gerry Joyce is a thatcher, heritage consultant, and folk singer from Galway.  His work as a thatcher and vernacular architect has led him around the world.  His musical career began in 1967 when he began performing sole and with a variety of folk groups.  He has played with most of the Irish traditional groups including:  The Dubliners, Wolfe Tones, Christy Moore, Johnny McEvoy and others.  He serves as our guide to the West of Ireland.


Roy Galvin

Limerick city born Roy Galvin is our expert for teaching Irish music and dance.  In 1971 Roy won the All-Ireland Scór competition on the tin whistle.  Roy also plays the uileann pipes, mandoline, and flute.  Roy is an accomplished Irish dancer and also danced with The Irish Ballet Company and Dublin City Ballet. In 1996 Roy retired from professional dancing to concentrate on the promotion of Irish culture at Tig Roy in the Glen of Aherlow.  


Nancy Leahy

Nancy Leahy is a native of Co. Tipperary and has been an avid hill walker for decades.  She leads groups in and around the Galtee Mountains.  She recently completed a Master’s Thesis from University College Cork on Anew McMaster and his productions in rural Ireland.  She is very active in the theatre and arts scene in Co. Tipperary.  Nancy is our guide for nature walks in the south of Ireland.


John Magner

John Magner is a dairy farmer just outside the town of Bansha in Co. Tipperary. John employs the latest practices for maintaining a healthy and productive herd of forty cows while being sensitive to the environment. He serves as a mentor for students at Rockwell College who are seeking to become dairy farmers.


Dr. Dennis (des) Marnane

Des Marnane is the most renowned historian in Co. Tipperary.  He earned his Ph.D. at University College Cork, and his numerous publications include the landmark work, Land and Settlement:  A History of West Tipperary to 1660 (2003), and the earlier work, Land and Violence:  A History of West Tipperary from 1660 (1985).  He has published an excellent resource guide, Finding Tipperary (2006).  Des serves as our guide to sites and history in Co. Tipperary.