A variety of Papa’s Games await that are fun and exciting including a diner and an ice cream shop.

The design of all of the Papa’s Games that are available is similar to what you might expect if you were playing in Papa’s Games. The bright colors, fun characters, and interesting sounds draw you in so that you want to play the games. Own an ice cream shop where you sell a variety of smoothies, milkshakes, and other types of ice cream in Freezeria. Papa’s Pizzeria is a fun game to play if you like a faster pace and if you like pizza. You have the option with these Papa’s Games to customize your character and the interior of your business. Earn coins in each level to upgrade your business. You can also unlock new recipes in each game, such as new pizzas and new ice cream flavors. New toppings can also be unlocked so that you have more options for your customers.

One thing to keep in mind while playing is that you only have a certain amount of time to serve all of the customers. Each customer will come into your business and place an order. You will then complete the order and deliver it to the customers before collecting the money from each one. As each game that you play progresses, there will be more customers that you have to serve. Fortunately, you can hire assistants who you can station at various areas in the business so that you can focus on what needs to be done instead of doing everything.

Another fun game in the series is Sushiria. You can make several types of sushi to serve to customers in a restaurant that has a Japanese theme. The Cupcakeria is a sweet game where you bake cupcakes of all flavors and choose the frosting and toppings that the customers want. The Bakeria is similar to the cupcake business, but you make cakes, pies, and other sweet treats along with cupcakes. You can also own a burger restaurant and a cheese restaurant. Perhaps the best game in the series is the burger restaurant because there are more challenges. A game that offers a slower pace is the sushi restaurant. Customers in the game can sit at tables or sit at the bar to order food. It’s important to keep track of each customer’s mood because unhappy customers will leave the restaurant.