Learning flash games.

Everyone has the opportunity to receive free and high-quality education. Companies and corporations around the world invest in the creation of free educational products. This is done in order to provide themselves with qualified personnel in the future and to give everyone equal access to quality education.

You can use the Scratch programming environment created for teaching students. It is developed by specialists of one of the most prestigious technical educational institutions of the United States and the world – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Or the game Minecraft, for which Microsoft paid $ 2.5 billion a year ago, or educational games created by enthusiasts and volunteers all over the world.

The obstacle to using such resources may be ignorance of their existence or ignorance of the language. Indeed, English-speaking resources and games are much larger. But there are also Russian-language games that teach programming.

Russian-language browser entertainment will teach you how to compose algorithms and even write code. They are placed in order of complication. It is hardly possible to become a programmer, only playing. But you can get a positive charge at the start, learn the basic algorithms and logic of programming, acquire the skills of planning actions in solving practical problems.

Code Combat.

The developers of Code Combat offer to learn programming, grabbing lands and defeating enemies in the best traditions of RPG. The game has 80 free levels and open source code. Hundreds of players from different countries have applied their talents to make Code Combat better.


This game creates a program by connecting blocks. Blockly can be used in school. This game allows you to create learning tasks, build them into modules, passing through which, the student gradually learns a topic.

Microsoft Imagine.

Microsoft Imagine offers tools for training and development, from the very first game or application to cloud research projects using large data. Applications are distributed over complexity levels. The simplest of them are available to children 9-10 years old. More complex ones are designed for high school students and students.


Сolobot is a 3d strategy developed by Epsitec in 2001. The game is designed to teach children (from 10 years and older) programming skills in a game form. The gameplay is to create programs for robots. The goal is to prepare the planets for settling and mining.


Minecraft educational game: it develops spatial thinking, mathematical and logical abilities. And the game teaches reading and writing, it increases general literacy.