Technology does not stand still, but moves forward with leaps and bounds. One of the most popular operating systems today is Android. Now, Android application vendors are releasing more and more apps that target children’s audiences. Some parents are concerned about this fact. They are afraid that their children will spend too much time at the computer screen and forget about everything else. Therefore, they try to protect them from Android devices.

We believe that you do not need to do this. You just have to carefully choose what to play for your children. These applications should not be simple, but developmental. Children, especially in the early years of life, are developing rapidly. They have more and more questions about the world around them. And all the information they receive about it, they immediately absorb. Therefore, to develop children with flash games is necessary.

How to choose the right games and applications for the child?

First, there are games on Android that teach the child to distinguish colors, different objects, geometric shapes. Experts believe that at the initial stage of the development of the child, it is exactly such exercises. However, the biggest effect will be if you are near the child when he will perform tasks.

Secondly, all small children easily remember all the words that they hear. For a long time, specialists have realized that it is also necessary to begin learning a foreign language in childhood. Now there are games and applications on Android that will allow your child to memorize the English alphabet and learn some words. One such application is the ABC Animal Puzzle.

There are a lot of developing games. There are applications that allow you to teach children the basics of mathematics. You will prepare your child for school with their help. You will teach him everything: from the account and simple mathematical actions to the composition of the number. Among the many games for children can be found even applications, storytellers. If your baby likes fairy tales, we advise you to download one of them.

Of course, it will not be easy to find such games in the store, among many different applications. But do not despair! Recall that you can also pick up developing games for your baby on the site Experts have already collected all the best children’s applications on one page, and you only have to download them. Good luck in the upbringing of the younger generation!