Legend of online games.

Welcome to the “New Era” – it’s a free RPG (role-playing online game) with a huge world and infinite freedom of action. Create your own unique character, and select its race and class. A wide system of characteristics of each character online game will allow you to develop in one of six classes: juggernaut, barbarian, priest, magician, ranger and shield master. But remember, the online game “New Era” is a huge world in which everything is natural and every detail is important. At your disposal will be a large number of weapons and armor, and the non-linearity of the game will offer you a lot of quests and various ways to explore the many locations of the “New Era”.

You will begin your adventures in a big city full of characters and dialogues, and ahead of you will be waiting for a mysterious and dangerous world. The global online game map includes a huge archipelago with 6 cities, 5 islands and 3 dungeons. That is why the “New Era” is a browser-based online game with the largest and most exciting world. In addition to quests and discoveries, you will receive constant battles and battles. What are the features of our MMORPGs that do not offer other free online games and role-playing online games? The game provides 8 types of fights (team battle, chaotic battle, duel, fights in the outside world, fighting for points of influence, fighting in the slaughterhouse, fighting for the castle and ritual battles) and a step-by-step mode with a wide variation of attack and defense. That is why the winners in the “New Era” are tactics and strategists.

Also, do not miss the important diplomatic component of online games – clans and hierarchy for your character. You will have the opportunity to join one of the existing clans, or even create your own. Fight, join alliances and win, as do the great heroes – so you can rise from the lowest league of clans to the higher. Free online game “New Era” daily collects thousands of players who are ready to take a worthy opponent in your face. “New Era” – this is a free exciting adventure. You just need to register and a new world will open its doors. For fans of playing games online for free and with minimal delays there is a possibility to download the client.

Want to play online games for free? Join the most interesting browser-based online game right now, and remember – here you do not control the hero, here you are the Hero!